Advanced Concealed Carry 4 hours *Preregistration is required for class*


The Advanced Concealed Carry course is designed for civilians and who already have concealed handgun permit.This course is designed to improve their skill-set in those tactics needed to safely, quickly use their handgun from concealment holster. The subjects that will be discussed Fundamental of Shooting-Grip,stance,Sight Alignment/Sight picture & Trigger Control.-Concealed Weapon carry options (Holsters)-Drawing from Concealed holster-Close-quarter shooting-Nomenclature (Semi-Auto/Revolver)

Course includes Firearm rental/Range Fee
Student responsible for minimum 50rds
Bravo Security School
400 S. Federal Highway Ste 412
Boynton Beach Fl,33435
**Preregistration is required for class**
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Price: $125.00

Shipping: $0.00