G 28 Hour Armed (CCW Permit Included) Walkins-$250.00 Paypal-$225.00

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The 28 hour class covers such topics as the Florida Chapter 493 Statutes, Chapter 775 Statutes, 776 Statutes, 790 Statutes, Civil and Criminal Liability, Operational Firearms Safety, Firearms Mechanical Training, and Firearms Range Qualification Handguns. Their is an exam and range qualification. You may qualifying with a revolver .38 caliber or semi auto 9mm,.40 caliber, or .45 caliber firearm.This is a 3 day, 28 hour course to Obtain your training required by the State of Florida to work as a G Armed Security Officer.

Price includes: Gun rental,eye protection,ear protection, targets, application, fingerprinting, passport photo included & CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT.

Student responsible for ammunition and range fee.




Price: $225.00

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